Matthew Bellamy Stage Porn (12.11.2012 - Munich) Master Post


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Wash me away
Clean your body of me
Erase all the memories
They will only bring us pain
And I’ve seen all I’ll ever need
Citizen Erased by Ellmer

For the first time you have the “Parental Advisory” mark. It’s terrible! Just for one word in the last single!

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Just finished making this :) what do you think ? :)


The 2nd Law: The 2nd Law Tour Stageporn [3] 

The pyramid inverted

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"We were all off our faces on mushrooms when we recorded Plug In Baby. There was this big field next to the recording studio filled with them. So we ate them all. I don’t know what we were doing, but we all ended up naked in a jacuzzi and I went deaf in one ear from falling asleep in the sauna…" - Matthew Bellamy on recording Plug in Baby

"Umm, what is it? I read- I read some book about like- uh, I don’t know what it was. Something to do with, umm… co- like, uhh… bo-bots, kind of… dunno, can’t remember anymore, hold on. What was it? My plug in baby, uhmm… I’m sorry, I don’t know. I can’t remember. Sorry." - Matthew Bellamy on the meaning of Plug In Baby

"Strange video, never understood." - Matthew Bellamy on the video of Plug In Baby

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Matt being adorable with an organ

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our love is m-m-m-m-ma-madness

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